Young and Hungry

Can You Actually Recreate Restaurant Dishes at Home?

That's the question food writer Lauren Shockey asked as she prepared to crack open the cookbooks of three different New York City chefs. Her essay on the at-home adventure was published today on Slate. I have to say, I think the article might have been more interesting had a non-culinary-school grad taken up the challenge. What do you think?

  • Maureen

    I think the article would have been more interesting had she taken photos of her culinary experiments. Sometimes images can say so much more than words.

  • Capital Spice

    Agreed on both counts - photos and someone without culinary training would make the story far more accessible.

    This is actually my foodie New Year's resolution - to attempt one restaurant-quality dish per month.

  • Daniel

    We do have a local-to-DC blogger who has completely one-upped this article: Carol Blymire at She also did the (now complete) "French Laundry at Home".