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Jessica Alba, Tom Hanks, and Others Seen Dining at D.C. Restaurants

Following up on last week's celebrity tip-off sheet, Young & Hungry has been working the phones to find out where the rich and famous have been dining this Inauguration Weekend. Here's what we've heard:

  • Yo-Yo Ma dined at 701 on Saturday night.
  • The Biden Family, minus the big daddy himself, enjoyed breakfast at the Oval Room on Sunday. Actor Richard Schiff (Toby on The West Wing) also dined at this private meal arranged for the future vice president's family.
  • The Blue Duck Tavern was Celebrity Central over the weekend. The West End restaurant played host to Tom Hanks and wife, Rita Wilson, as well as Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, actor Ben Affleck, and country superstar couple, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.
  • Jessica Alba chowed down at the Bombay Club on Saturday.
  • Wolfgang Puck shared a table on Sunday night with Sharon Stone and Forest Whitaker at—where else?—The Source by Wolfgang Puck. According to The Source's publicist, the trio dined on asam vegetables, warm Maine lobster-daikon roll, steak au poivre, grilled lamb chops, and the pan-roasted rockfish with red Thai curry shrimp.
  • The night before, The Source also hosted Redskins cornerback Shawn Springs.

Image by Flickr user dipalbhagde

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  • Bret Domine

    Just read an article at the frumforum that The Pacific, Tom Hank's newest project, will probably be a delight to amateur historians. Although, history based docu-dramas have their place, I believe they may also be misleading, even if unintentionally. For example, after watching the Ten Commandments, Moses, in my mind's eye, now looks like Heston and even has a few of his mannerisms. Isn't that something of a distortion of historical fact? We must always remember that the aim of these motion pictures is entertainment and not education.