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Obama Doesn’t Know What a Half-Smoke Is? So What. Do You?

Okay, so Bill Cosby is (sort of) aghast that our future president doesn't know what a half-smoke is. (Check out Sunday's Meet the Press below, starting at around the 45 minute mark.) Cosby joked to host David Gregory that, "I'm taking my vote back" in response to hearing about Barack Obama's innocent question at Ben's Chili Bowl on Saturday.

Seriously, the Cos needs to get a grip. This is not a faux pas along the lines of John Kerry asking for Swiss cheese on a steak sandwich in Philly. A half-smoke is one of the least known, most-misunderstood signature dishes in the country. I suspect most Washingtonians don't know what a half-smoke is, particularly because street vendors all over the city constantly pass off Polish sausages as half-smokes.

If you need a refresher, read Dave Jamieson's authoritative piece on the half-smoke. You'll be in good company. More than 800 folks have already clicked on the story since Obama's visit to the Bowl.

  • Gary

    I thought I knew what half-smoke was until I realized you were talking about food. :)

    Sounds a lot like the brat I get at the ballpark. I smother it in sauerkraut and mustard and immediately begin dreaming of next season (I only allow myself one - maybe two - each season).

  • Lou

    Most of the vendors in DC who claim to sell half-smokes aren't selling real half-smokes. Thus, many people who think they've had a half-smoke really didn't.

    Plus, with half-smokes really being a DC thing sold by few, you can't blame the guy.

    Now, the Kerry's Philly Cheesesteak episode......that was a disaster.

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