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Vapiano to Open in Chinatown…Finally

I'm not sure this qualifies as good news, but the Washington Business Journal is reporting that Vapiano, the fast-casual Italian chain, is finally opening next month in Chinatown after months of delays. Reports the Journal:

“A year later, but we’re there.”

That’s what Vapiano chairman Kent Hahne has to say about the long-in-development Vapiano restaurant headed to 623-625 H Street N.W. in Chinatown. After about a year of construction delays, the place will open with a VIP party February 24, and begin serving lunch and dinner the next day.

“It’s been such a structural nightmare,” said Hahne of opening the two-floor, 7,000 square foot location, which is larger than other incarntaions of the pizza and Italian restaurant, much having to do with a new basement being dug on the property.

The Chinatown spot will be the fourth Vapiano to open in the DC area, which began in Hamburg, Germany about six years ago and arrived in DC in 2007. Hahne is also scouting future locations in Georgetown and Bethesda.

Great, just what Chinatown needs: another chain.

  • Carrie

    Actually, Vapiano has very good pizza. This IS good news. For anyone who's eaten pizza in Italy (and liked it), this is great news. Vapiano serves real Italian-style pies without stupid novelty toppings or themes for really decent prices, and the happy hour house wine specials are not too shabby, either. No, I don't work for Vapiano, which is why I'll tell you to avoid their pasta like the plague-- it's truly awful. But for people who appreciate perfectly charred, bubbly crusts, tangy tomato sauce, and traditional toppings without having to worry about the cilantro from the Thai Satay Pizza getting on their pie, this is a great option. Shame on all who instantly reject eating at chains! Sometimes...gasp...they're actually...good!