Young and Hungry

When You Love Food, You Get Food Stuff for the Holidays

All right, you fellow food crazies, what'd you get for the holidays? Let's start counting the booty. I'll start.

  1. A copy of A Day at elBulli: An insight into the ideas, methods and creativity of Ferran Adria. (Thanks, love!)
  2. Two used Marcella Hazan cookbooks, including the delightful Marcella Says... (Thanks, Molly, you cheapskate.)
  3. A care package of coffee, scones, crumpets, jam, and muffins. (Thanks, mum!)
  4. A bottle-opener magnet for the fridge (Thanks again, love! More Dogfish Head for the holidays!)
  5. A gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma (which came with a broad suggestion that whatever I buy should be tied to making the gift-givers dinner). (Thanks, Stuart and Kay! I think.)
  6. Pancake/cookie molds in the shape of hearts. (Thanks again, Stuart and Kay!)
  7. A gift certificate to Crate and Barrel (with no strings attached this time). (Thanks a third time, Stuart and Kay!)
  8. A gift certificate to Pottery Barn. (Thanks, sis!)
  9. And the best gift of all: dinner with the family, with music playing in the background and no computer within 20 feet of anyone. (Thanks all!)
  • Lou

    I/we got a fair amount of loot.

    - An immersion blender.
    - A mini garlic chopper.
    - Two champagne glasses.
    - A pastry blade.
    - A ceramic knife sharpener.
    - "Urban Italian" cook book.
    - Three antipasti bowls.
    - And a PlayStation 3.*


    * While not related to cooking I feel like I should just throw that one in.