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Pizzeria Paradiso to Open Third Location in Columbia Heights?

Washington Business Journal is reporting that Pizzeria Paradiso owner/chef Ruth Gresser is having "conversations with the developers of DC USA about potentially opening up an outpost of her restaurant at the big-box center across from the Metro station" in Columbia Heights.

The gentrified-within-an-inch of its life neighborhood is already home to two fine pie joints, RedRocks and Pete's Apizza, but Gresser tells the Journal that she's still bullish on the 'hood. "I feel like it's a different neighborhood from Dupont Circle, and with all the commercial and residential growth happening there, it seems like there could be an uptick of people who would be interested in us," she tells the paper.

Before possibly opening the third location, however, Gresser says she needs to focus her energies on moving her Dupont Circle eatery to the former Bike Shop-District Hardware space at 2003 P St. NW, just behind the Blaine Mansion.


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    you know what would be awesome? if someone put a nice sit-down restaurant in CH/Mt. P that doesn't suck.

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    Urban Pioneer,

    You don't like CommonWealth? Or Pete's Apizza?

    Tough crowd, man.

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    I like Pete's! Another pizza place would be overkill.

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    Yet another pizza place. Wow. I like Paradiso, but we already have the fantastic Red Rocks and Pete's. I'm with Jason, we don't need another pizza place but a sitdown place serving anything else would be great.

    Pete's is fine, but it hardly counts as a nice sit-down restaurant. It's basically carry out with some tables. We really have only two other than Red Rocks: Rumberos and Commonwealth. The Heights is basically Applebee's.

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    i forgot about commonwealth, but i really think of it more as a bar/pub than a restaurant.

    i didn't like Pete's at first. i found their crust to be extra salty, but the last few times i've had it i've liked it. i haven't eaten anything but pizza there.

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    Well, if you're talking about white-tablecloth dining rooms, I would say that CH is indeed lacking in that department. But then again, it's not a good time to be opening those kinds of restaurants.

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