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Stachowski Out at Thirsty Bernie’s, Kitko Out at Redwood

It's been a bad day for chefs in the area.

The Washingtonian is reporting that Jamie Stachowski, the mad genius of meat, is out at Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar & Grill.

The Washington Post is reporting that Andrew Kitko "parted ways" with Redwood in Bethesda.

I personally think Thirsty Bernie will suffer greatly without Stachowski. With him, it was the most unique sports bar in the area; without him, it'll just be another place to eat grease and watch the game.

As far as Redwood, well, I have to say the move would seem smart. I had my first meal there this weekend and was singularly underwhelmed. My companion's pulled chicken salad with buttermilk dressing was mush on mush—soft, lifeless bird pieces with cubes of squishy avocado on top of romaine leaves that had lost much of their crunch. It was like paying $13 for leftovers.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery


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    Sorry to say but I know Jamie from when he had his restaurant downtown. His wife was really sweet and he on the other hand was like the soup Nazi and would yell at everyone and anyone. Good riddance.

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    I love the burgers and all the things they do. A good restaurant is not based on one person. I just was there and the food was the same and looks like business as usual. He would come up and yell at people and the staff said that he yelled all the time. Sounds like he is a crazy guy. Good riddance I agree. Also it's not fine dining. What's all the hoopla about

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    I am so happy he is gone, the place is better then ever. All the staff is smiling and not getting yelled at. The new chef is a famous guy to as they told me. Go Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    More beers now. I had this new Austrian chicken sandwich. It's is grilled and I am health conscois and the other foods are to meaty for me so now I have a better option.
    Thanks Chef

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