Young and Hungry

The 2008 Beaujolais Nouveaus Are Here! Who Cares!

Today officially marks the release of the 2008 vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau, a period of drinking and merrymaking that I compare to New Year's Eve. It's for rookies.

I so hate being a snob, but Beaujolias Nouveau is not a serious drinker's wine. It's thin and fruity, with none of the tannic backbone and complexity that I like in a vino. Its popularity strikes me as distinctly American, even if its roots are French Why? Because some clever marketers, as Wikipedia notes, figured out a way to offload a bunch of "vin ordinaire at a good profit."

And we all continue to buy the hype.

Our friends over a DCist have compiled a list of this year's
Beaujolais Nouveau parties
, some of which actually sound pretty fun. So go enjoy. We won't judge you.

Image courtesy of Flickr user jetalone.

  • Carrie the Red

    Totally agree about this. I have yet to drink a BN that wowed me. The ones I've had have all been too fruity and too acidic. "Thin" is a great description. Add weedy, whiny, needy. It's the yapping, trembling, sequin-sweater wearing poodle of French wines.

  • Michael Birchenall

    Come on guys ... we can make fun of all the hype, but there's nothing wrong with a party excuse ... and it's never (well, not anyone with a palate) been made out to be anything more than fun wine juice. They've even cleaned up some of the flaws that used to add to the festivities ... the yeasty incomplete fermentation was always a favorite of mine ... buy 6 bottles, throw it in the frig and drink it through Thanksgiving and then stop!

  • xcanuck

    I used to enjoy BN when I wasn't all that familiar with good red wines and was under the impression that all reds tasted like the swill you get at cheap restaurants. Then I had a good Tuscan red and it was an epiphany. I still don't know jack about wine but I can't see myself buying BN again. Still, the parties sound fun.