Young and Hungry

Fetus-Shaped Cookie Cutter: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

I think this thing could go either way. It's either your way to express the sanctity of life or your way to say that unborn babies are just as tasty as gingerbread men. Personally, I'm hoping the utensil is a joke.

Chime in, folks.

  • Carrie the Red

    Without weird black eye thing, it's pro-choice. A blank, faceless, conglomeration of cells.

    With weird black eye thing (a chocolate chip? what the hell is it?) - it's pro-life. Reminding you that your fetus has eyeballs, fingerprints, a taste for early Elton John music, and a terrifying resemblance to the Whitley Streiber alien. He probably got that from his father.

  • Gary

    Mmmmmmmmm, fetus treats. Real bits of stem cell in every bite.

  • solarmagneticdynamo


  • Amanda Hess

    i'm pro-cookie.

  • Karen

    Pretty sure Sarah Palin is making good use of this cookie cutter now she's back home in Alaska and the media has stopped flooding in to her kitchen to watch her make the ol' moose stew. Cookies are supposed to be fun! Either way you spin this one it's...icky.

  • sara

    fetal bites are pro-choice for sure: