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Vintage Sexism Finds Modern Defenders

Behold a common argument deployed by modern sexists:
1. Establish your concern for the women's movement by admitting that things used to be pretty bad for chicks, back in the olden days when institutionalized sexism dictated that women couldn't vote or hold jobs out of the home.
2. Your feminist prowress now established, assert that since women [...]

Child Cruelty: Dentist Visits Vs. Horrible Monsters

Slate's DoubleX has taken up an interesting point of discussion. Which of the following is more cruel:
(a) A father who films his hilariously drugged-up child after a doctor's visit:
"David After Dentist"
(b) Or a hipster music video depicting a screaming child dodging scary monsters without the help of his unresponsive mother:
MGMT's music video for "Kids"
Personally, I'd [...]

NOM and Perez Hilton In YouTube Pissing Match

Well, well, well, isn't this interesting. The National Organization for Marriage is bristling at Perez Hilton's request for YouTube to remove a NOM ad (above) which features footage of Hilton calling Miss California Carrie Prejean a "dumb bitch." Hilton claimed that NOM had violated copyright laws by lifting "about three seconds of footage" from his [...]

Update: Welcome to the Anti-Gay Auditions!

Well, the National Organization for Marriage keeps bitching at someone to have its hilarious gay storm audition reels pulled down from video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo. Citizen bloggers keep ripping their own copies of the auditions and reposting them to those same sites, causing what must [...]