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Rape Prevention Tips From Rapists: Stay Inside Or Die A Horrible Death

Ladies: want to know the secret to not getting raped? According to a rape prevention e-mail circling the Internets, all you have to do is always live in fear of being pulled into a van, violated, mutilated, and left for dead at any moment (also, cut off all your hair).
These rape prevention tips, like all [...]

Quinn Bradlee Engaged to Rahm Emanuel’s Yoga Instructor

Quinn Bradlee is engaged and Rahm Emanuel does yoga. Via Politico:
ENGAGED – Quinn Bradlee, 27, son of Ben and Sally, and author of 'A Different Life,' to Pary Williamson, a yoga instructor he met Jan. 12 on the recommendation of her student Maureen Dowd. Quinn tells us he proposed over the phone at 11:30 p.m. [...]