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RNC Chairman Michael Steele Is Pro-Choice

Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele told GQ interviewer Lisa DePaulo that he "absolutely" supports a woman's right to choose, before promptly apologizing for the remarks, which could not have possibly been misinterpreted or taken out of context.
Steele also told GQ, "I loved to party—still do—and have a good time." So, you know, this guy [...]

Follow Rick Sanchez On His Sexy Twitter Knee Surgery Adventure

Via Wonkette, the sexy and unneccessary medical tweets of CNN's Rick Sanchez. Ah, if only we all could meet that one, perfect "anesthesiologist watches show loves twitter."

The Morning After: Wintry Mix Edition

Good morning, Washington. A soft, frolicky blanket of snow—destined to descend into an icy weather system of ice and disappointment—falls over our fair city this morning. What other treasures will this day bring?
* This morning, Bill Kristol, the man Wonkette deftly reminds us ushered Sarah Palin into the civilized world, is out at the New [...]

The Morning After: Jiminy Cricket Edition

* Reproductive Health Reality Check details the Democratic response to Bush's "conscience rule" for medical providers. Party leaders have said they want to reverse it. What they haven't said is how.
* Wonkette discovers the FOX News Twitter feed hacked by a hillllaaaarious 12-year-old. The tweet? "Breaking: Bill O Riley is gay"
* Gender Goggles collects blogs [...]

The Morning After: Prenatal Care for the Aborting Edition

* Lately, at times, I've felt like Jezebel has dipped ever so slightly into safer ladyblog territory, the one largely claimed by magazines featuring Amanda Bynes on the cover. Then came Tracie Egan's post on how to allay pregnancy symptoms when you're just going to abort the thing anyway, so fuck-all to fetus-safe medical care [...]

The Morning After: Gay Visitor Center Edition

* Is the new Capitol Visitor Center gay? Via Wonkette:
One Senator, the very conservative Jim DeMint of South Carolina, despises this new visitor center — but not because of its completely inappropriate cost, of course! No, he’s just concerned that the center’s exhibits don’t praise God quite enough, and that the exhibits themselves are “left-leaning,” [...]

DEBATE LIVE BLOG: Barack, John, and the Live-Bloggers Who Love Them

My friends, stay with me tonight as I watch the third and final presidential debate—and the live-bloggers who live-blog it. That's right, we're live-blogging the live-bloggers here at The Sexist live blog. Who will offer the funniest/most inane commentary? Will it be Joe Curl of the Washington Times? Jim Newell at Wonkette? You, the [...]

Live-Blogging the Live Blogs: Tonight

I know, I know: You don't even want to watch the last debate. Sure, you were feeling pretty good after the first one; everything seemed so new and exciting! But then there was that vice presidential unpleasantness, and last week you found yourself whiling away your Tuesday evening with Barack and John at Town Hall [...]

The Morning After

The Sexist's morning roundup of District chatter on sex, gender, and Sarah Palin.

* On Slate, Dahlia Lithwick serves Joe Biden with some rules on how to fight a girl. Lithwick, a former parliamentary debater (side-note: totally awesome), gives Biden a frank run-down on how not to lose the Veep debate to Governor Palin. Most of [...]