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ABC News Story on Showing Boobs Won’t Show Boobs

ABC News has picked up the story of local ABC affiliate WJLA's series on breast cancer detection. WJLA has courted national media attention for its decision to televise a local woman's self breast exam, un-draped, un-blurred, and unedited. ABC News, for one, remains committed to blurring the boobs: "for our purposes, we are showing it [...]

WJLA’s Breast Cancer Report Won’t Blur Boobs

Tonight and tomorrow, WJLA will air a four-part series on breast exams called "Touch of Life: The Guide to Breast Self Examination." The series will show real women performing breast exams—and it's not going to blur out their boobs.

American Apparel Employees Receive Death Threats

Last night, WJLA* reported on the recent recent vandalism linked to American Apparel's "Legalize Gay" displays. Yesterday, the Silver Spring location received another threat over the phone in regards to the anti-Prop-8 shirts, which an anonymous employee recounts for WJLA: "Why is that T-shirt still in the window? You should take it down or something [...]

Oh God, Locals Weigh In On Workplace Bullying

Sure, Mickey Meece started it. Her female workplace bully story—or as I like to call it, "How the recession is making bitches bitchier"—was a derivative, sexist, non-story recession trend piece for the ages. But now, WJLA is gunning to one-up Meece with its own derivative, sexist, non-story recession trend piece: How the recession is still [...]