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Who Is to Blame For An Effeminate Man?

Last month, I wrote about how chivalry encourages men to take responsibility for maintaining feminine virtue. Of course, once men assume ownership over the actions of women, women are encouraged to police themselves in order to avoid embarrassing the men in their lives. Endless cycle, no?
Let's take a look at how this collaborative gender policing [...]

The Work of Making Femininity Look Effortless

The "Good Wife's Guide"—a list of behaviors and attitudes that a model housewife ought to parrot—though attributed to a 1955 issue of Housekeeping Monthly, is probably a fake (thanks to Can I Get A Man With That for bringing it to my attention). Snopes offers a lengthy (and interesting) rumination on the likelihood that the [...]

Esquire Thinks It Knows Your Wife

... and she's boring, vapid, and obsessed with eating ice cream out of the carton. If that sounds like your wife, Esquire has this gift guide of Christmas presents that will be just perfect for her!
A breakdown:
Ice Cream and Ice Cream Accessories (2). including the "Prepara Ice Cream Pint Sleeve," a neoprene sleeve whick [...]