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Rape Cartoons by the Real World D.C.‘s Andrew Woods

Last night on the premiere of MTV's The Real World D.C., eccentric housemate Andrew Woods admitted that he had been fired from his college newspaper for drawing cartoons that were "purposely trying to offend women and lesbians." Lying is kind of Andrew's "thing," so it's unclear whether Woods' editors actually gave him the boot. But [...]

Gay Marriage: Do It To Stop HIV

In a column defending the Pope's anti-condom stance, Washington Times columnist Jeffery T. Kuhner has some advice today for District residents who don't want to contract HIV. Let's take a look!

The District's official report this week was astounding: The number of people with HIV infections rose 22 percent from 2006 to 2007. More ominously, the [...]

The Morning After: Step Away from the Inauguration Dress, Bitch Edition

* Want everyone to have to experience your fetus' kicking? Now you can, with kickbee!
* WhozHe at SGL Universe wonders about an increase in deadly violence against gays in Dupont Circle, citing Tuesday's shooting of 35-year-old Durval V. Martins and the September attack of Tony Randolph Hunter. Martins was killed at 11th and Q Sts. [...]

Gay Marriage in D.C.: How Soon Is Now?

City Paper's Loose Lips columnist, Mike DeBonis, has the run-down on a D.C. gay marriage timeline:
In the Blade, Lou Chibbaro Jr. runs down some of the challenges facing a ballot referendum banning gay marriage in the District. They are many: For one, 21,000 signatures is a lot.
Meanwhile, in WaTimes, Gary Emerling examines how gay-marriage advocates [...]

Man Madness: Washington Times Vs. Washingtonian Magazine

The Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament, in which we rate local businesses based on the man factor of their org charts, kicks off today. Check out our online bracket for all 64 workplaces that will be competing in the coming weeks. We're starting with the media bracket this week, culling top jobs from editorial, advertising, [...]

DEBATE LIVE BLOG: Barack, John, and the Live-Bloggers Who Love Them

My friends, stay with me tonight as I watch the third and final presidential debate—and the live-bloggers who live-blog it. That's right, we're live-blogging the live-bloggers here at The Sexist live blog. Who will offer the funniest/most inane commentary? Will it be Joe Curl of the Washington Times? Jim Newell at Wonkette? You, the [...]

Live-Blogging the Live Blogs: Tonight

I know, I know: You don't even want to watch the last debate. Sure, you were feeling pretty good after the first one; everything seemed so new and exciting! But then there was that vice presidential unpleasantness, and last week you found yourself whiling away your Tuesday evening with Barack and John at Town Hall [...]