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Sexist Comments of the Week: Vagina Vagina Vagina Edition

Last week on the Sexist, readers sounded off on the new Kotex ad that isn't allowed to utter the sound "vuh-jahy-nuh," we parsed the difference between the "vulva" and the "vagina," and one commenter received some Very Special terminology instruction on the meaning of "tampon." Let's do this point-counterpoint style, shall we?

Your Decrepit Ovaries May Be Sabotaging Your Career

As a 24-year-old woman who hasn't yet hit the dreaded Fertility Death Zone of life after 30, perhaps I'm not in the position to be amused by this Washington Post headline:

. . . But allow me to ignore the cries of my soon-to-be decrepit ladyparts for a moment in order to re-write this headline [...]

Patience Is A (Feminist) Virtue

Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can
Seldom found in woman, never found in man.
We often hear that "patience is a virtue." It's the second half of the sentiment largely goes unspoken: Patience is a virtue for women. What is patience, exactly? In Helper By Design, Elyse Fitzpatrick's guide to submitting to your man [...]

Gene Weingarten Defends “I Love Women”

In Washington Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten's monthly online chat today, a reader confronted Weingarten over one of his signature phrases: "I love women." [Weingarten seriously "loves women": See exhibits A, B, C, D, and E].
I recently scolded Chris Brown for employing the phrase on the Wendy Williams Show, citing four criteria (a) "I Love [...]

Know Your Indecent Exposure Rights

Ever wondered exactly what you have to do with your penis to be charged with indecent exposure in Virginia? Need to know what sort of aperture you have to be looking through in order to be convicted of peeping? The Washington Post is here to help!

Washington Post “Dares” to Call Lindsay Lohan “Haggard”

In an editorial slide-show titled Lindsay Lohan: A Metamorphosis, the Washington Post's Liz Kelly revisits the many looks the 23-year-old starlet has cultivates over the years. But this is no style retrospective treatment, a la Madonna's chameleon-like fashion choices or Tyra's wacky wigs. This slide-show is focused exclusively on each stage of Lohan's career, and [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Transgender Shoplift Edition

Last week, two stories on the Washington Post's gender treatment for a couple of transgender shoplifting suspects (Washington Post Cross-Dressing Shoplifting Story Misfires; Transgender Shoplifting Story's Absurd Corrections) inspired confusion, transphobia, and some helpful commentary!
The story: A couple of transgender women are caught shoplifting, and end up being shot by police after a botched getaway. [...]

Transgender Shoplifting Story Inspires Absurd Corrections

NBC Washington shows what happens when news outlets fail to confirm the correct gender identity of their subjects before publication. The outlet has just posted another story about the two shoplifting suspects who were shot by police near the University of Maryland last Friday. Here's the absurd lede:
Upon closer review, it appears two shoplifting suspects [...]

Did the Washington Post Censor the Boning?

Today's inevitable Washington Post feature on people who aren't on Facebook actually got a little bit interesting when it turned its attentions to Ricardo Thomas, 23. Thomas "hates typing and computers," but he does rely on more connected friends to help him Facebook stalk his ex-girlfriend. Thomas doesn't call her is ex-girlfriend, however. This is [...]

Football Bloggers Attempt to Tackle Misogyny, Homophobia Ensues

Today, Washington Post NFL site The League took up the issue of misogyny in professional cheerleading:

I was really impressed that the Post chose to ask its seven resident football bloggers this question: Should football cheerleading squads be disbanded because they are a misogynist tradition? But then the bloggers were all like: "Nope!"