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Sexist Comments of the Week: Race Dating Edition

Last week, a brief history of racism among participants in the Washington Post Magazine Date Lab inspired some spirited defenses of racial preferences in the boudoir—and some polite rejections of the idea that one's blind date is merely acceptable "for an Asian guy." Let's take a look!:

Straight Lab: The Washington Post’s Date Lab Struggles to Make Gay Dates

On Aug. 1, The Washington Post Magazine’s weekly blind date feature, Date Lab, will print what has become a once-yearly ritual: The gay date.
Every Sunday, the magazine writes up the adventures of two single Washingtonians set up by the Post; after the date, both spill the night’s details to a reporter, [...]

Washington Post Missteps on Sex Offender Essay

Last month, the Washington Post Magazine printed an "XX Files" essay by Wanda Fleming. In "Suspended Disbelief," Fleming wrote about struggling with the news that a friend's husband had been accused of sexually assaulting a young girl. The essay's sub-head reads, "Guilty or not, it's a tragedy." After a correction to the piece was published [...]

Upon Death, Unearthing a “Fabulous” Washingtonienne

Former City Paper staffer Angela Valdez was on NPR's Tell Me More today to talk about an obit she wrote for the latest issue of The Washington Post Magazine. Valdez profiled Iris Bouchard, a Puerto Rican immigrant who carved out a niche with the Washington elite through the service entrance—with a self-started business that [...]