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I Love a Parade

Exciting news! The Washington City Paper will be repping The Sexist in a float (OK: a pick-up truck) in tomorrow's Capital Pride Parade. Joining us in the back of said pick-up truck will be Miss D.C. Jen Corey, who has dedicated part of her reign to becoming an outspoken advocate for victims of street harassment [...]

Halloween: How Sexy Was It?

According to media reports, this Halloween was gearing up to be the sexiest, most infantilizing, super sexiest, most racially insensitive, nipple-suspender-y Halloween ever! So, how sexy was it? I surveyed the staff of the Washington City Paper to find out.

Catholic University Bans Sex On Campus, Newspapers Discussing Sex on Campus

This week, Catholic University newspaper the Tower reported that the Washington City Paper would no longer be made available on the school's campus. In fact, the paper has been gone from the CUA campus since May 7th, the day that my story on CUA's campus sex ban, Screw U: Inside the Secret Sex Life of [...]

Grime Scenes: 2390 Champlain St NW, A Madam’s (News) Organ

The Deborah Jeane Palfrey story had boffo foreplay and a really shitty climax.
And it started right here at City Paper. That's where Palfrey, based in California, bought classified advertisements seeking local college-age whores to service her high-powered johns in the DC market.
Well, that was basically how legal authorities played the tale when they busted Palfrey [...]

Uh Oh, Somebody Said “Blow Job”

The Washington City Paper isn't the only journalistic outlet failing to think of The Children by refusing to censor a slang term for "oral sex." Blogger Marcy Wheeler was also not thinking of The Children when she appeared on MSNBC to discuss a possible C.I.A. probe, In a segment that was sure to be a [...]

Map That Sex Offender

D.C. police have launched a new feature for mapping sex offenders in your area. Since 2001, D.C. has provided the names, photographs, and addresses of registered sex offenders living in Washington; now, the sex-offender-monitoring service has upgraded to the Google Maps treatment.
Here's the sex offender view outside the Washington City Paper offices:

Below the map, the [...]

Man Madness: Washington City Paper Vs. Washington Blade

Today, we sew up the media bracket in the D.C.'s Manliest Workplace Tournament with two of the Districts alternative weeklies: The Washington City Paper and the Washington Blade. Earlier in the media contest, the Washington Times out-manlied Washingtonian, the Washington Post pwned Congressional Quarterly, and El Pregonero fell to USA today. Check out the full [...]