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Gay Man Arrested For Mocking Police Bigotry

Pepin Tuma, a 33-year-old gay man, was discussing the recent arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates with a few friends as they walked to Cobalt on July 26. At some point in the pre-bar jaunt, the Washington Blade reports, Tuma loudly condemned the alleged bigotry in the case in a sing-song voice: "I hate [...]

Log Cabin Republicans Seek Discount President

The Log Cabin Republicans, longtime gay conservative group and newfound darling of Meghan McCain, are in search of a new leader—one who's willing to do less for less. Chairman of the Board Terry Hamilton told the Washington Blade that the organization's next president "might work less than full-time," Chris Johnson reports.
"It could take the [...]

Washington Blade Calls Out Meghan McCain

Political-royalty-turned-blogger Meghan McCain has launched a new campaign to usher gay rights into her hip, young Republican fold—but the gay media is not biting.
In the Daily Beast this week, McCain calls gay rights "one of the [causes] closest to my heart," and insists that "if the Republican Party has any hope of gaining substantial support [...]

How Long Will Iceland Linger in the Gay News?

Iceland: Newest gay vacation destination?
On Saturday, Jan. 31, Iceland inaugurated "the world's first openly gay female head of government." Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, a lesbian, is now the nation's Prime Minister. Predictably, Sigurðardóttir's appointment set off a wave of excited coverage in the gay (and mainstream) press. But today, "Bladewire," the Washington Blade's news aggregator, picked up [...]

Gay Youth Home Planned in Montgomery County

The Blade reports on discussions about what could be Maryland's "first residential home [...]

Gay Marriage in D.C.: How Soon Is Now?

City Paper's Loose Lips columnist, Mike DeBonis, has the run-down on a D.C. gay marriage timeline:
In the Blade, Lou Chibbaro Jr. runs down some of the challenges facing a ballot referendum banning gay marriage in the District. They are many: For one, 21,000 signatures is a lot.
Meanwhile, in WaTimes, Gary Emerling examines how gay-marriage advocates [...]

The Morning After: First Bling Edition

* Tim Dickinson for Rolling Stone on why Prop 8 failed. (Hint: It wasn't Mormon or black voters, but it might have been you).
* The Gay Recluse reports on the shielded statues in Union Station (photo above), indicates that behind the shield are uncircumcised Roman penises, calls it "the biggest scandal in the history of [...]

Inside the Condo of the Police Shooting Victim

Last night, a commenter on this blog made the connection between a Washington Blade story identifying the victim of yesterday's police shooting as David Kerstetter, and a 2003 Metro Weekly feature which highlighted the home Kerstetter shared with his now-deceased partner, Paul Brazitis. Kerstetter was shot and killed by police yesterday inside the condo—part [...]

Police Shooting Victim Was Suicidal, Mourning Loss of Partner

The man shot by D.C. police in his home this morning was gay and "had been suffering from bipolar disorder and had become severely depressed when his domestic partner died last year," an unidentified neighbor told Lou Chibbaro Jr. of the Washington Blade. Chabbaro reported more information on the police shooting this afternoon:

Police Storage Locker Vandalized With Homophobic Graffiti

The locker of openly gay D.C. police officer Matt Mahl was vandalized earlier this month, Lou Chibbaro Jr. reports for the Washington Blade. On Oct. 26, the Third District officer returned to his storage locker to find it covered in homophobic epithets. Writes Chibbaro:
When contacted, Mahl released a brief statement confirming that the incident occurred [...]