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The Morning After: Threatened Marriage Edition

* NOM's nationwide "One Man, One Woman" bus tour takes a turn: Dude with sign voices support for lynching gays.

The Morning After: Peevish Humorless Feminist Edition

* Scientific American's Jesse Bering debunks feminism:

The Morning After: Stay Puft Edition

Burlesque marshmallow man, via The Candy Pitch
* Seventy-five-year-old Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, the "first and only woman to pitch in the Negro American League," is set to be commemorated with her own field in Northeast D.C.

The Metro Weekly Man V. The Blade Man

In this week's cover story, I examine the cultural relevance of D.C.'s competing LGBT publications, Metro Weekly and the Washington Blade (now the D.C. Agenda). Are you a Metro Weekly man? Or are you a Blade man? Or are you not an upper-middle-class middle-aged gay man who lives in Northwest Washington D.C., and therefore largely [...]

The Washington Blade Is Now the D.C. Agenda

The Washington Blade served as D.C.'s gay newspaper of record from 1969 until Monday morning. This Friday, the paper intends to return as the D.C. Agenda. Editor Kevin Naff confirmed the re-Christening this evening at an event at the Hard Rock Hotel supporting the paper's rebirth.

The Final Hours of the Washington Blade

It's 12:30 p.m. outside of the downtown offices of the former Washington Blade, which served as Washington D.C.'s gay newspaper of record from 1969 until this morning. Just hours ago, the staff of the Blade learned that its parent company, Window Media, had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, that the Blade was closed effective immediately, [...]

District Gets Restraining Order Against “Men’s Parties” Sex Club

Today, the District of Columbia secured a temporary restraining order against "Men's Parties," the underground sex club operating out of 1618 14th Street NW. The District filed suit against the owner of the property (1618 14th Street LLC), the club's manager (David J. Butler), and its nonprofit front organization (the D.C. Wrestling Club, Inc.) on [...]

Steep Price: Gay Sex Club Closes After Fatal Injury

Throwing in the Towels: Men’s club death leaves city grasping for answers.
Early in the morning of Oct. 4, a member of a private Logan Circle “men’s social club” fell to his death. According to a D.C. police report, the 47-year-old man was discovered in the stairwell leading to the basement of 1618 14th St. NW, [...]

Who Botched the Gender Identity of a D.C. Homicide Victim?

Vigil attendees pay their respects to Tyli'a Mack.
On Wednesday, Aug. 26, one person was killed and another critically injured in a daytime stabbing outside 209 Q St. NW. In the hours following the homicide, police and reporters gathered witness testimony, formed a description of the suspect, and chased likely motives. This time, cops and journalists [...]

Embrace For Gay Rights At Tastee Diner Tonight

Two women, the Washington Blade reports, were ejected from Silver Spring's Tastee Diner for hugging after completing their meal. Aiyi'nah Ford and Torian Brown say they were told by a manager to "take that outside" after embracing near the restaurant's counter.
Bad move, Tastee. At 9 p.m. tonight, the diner will be chock-full of same-sex hugging. [...]