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Erykah Badu—for Genital Waxing?

The video for Erykah Badu's latest single, "Window Seat," is a stunning recrimination of the policing and exploitation of black women's bodies in America. Hey, what a great opportunity to sell a bikini wax!

Wanda Sykes At the White House Correspondents Dinner: Nipples

Wanda Sykes, personal hero of mine, headlined the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday. We can get Wanda in the White House, but when will we get Pootie Tang into a Washington, D.C. Blockbuster store? I'm still waiting.
"There was never a nipple portrait of Lincoln, I'm sorry."
"I tell my kids: If two cars pull up, [...]

Wanda Sykes Headlines HRC Gala

Wanda Sykes, whom I love, came out last year, meaning I have a shot with her! Sykes performed at the Human Rights Campaign's 2009 Los Angeles Gala and Hero Awards on Saturday. For those of us who missed it, I Should Be Laughing compiled Sykes' best material:
On being an in-demand activist:

I’m busy! Gay, gay, [...]

Non-Sexist Palin Joke Video Corner

The wonderful Wanda Sykes—who forever won a place in my heart with her turn in the 2001 Louis C.K. tour-de-force "Pootie Tang"—administers a non-sexist, feminist smack-down to McCain/Palin on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Enjoy: