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Three Georgetown students (and another from NYU) have launched, a website for anonymously airing your greatest sex fails. “After a traumatizing hookup experience, [we] looked for a place to post the story online and realized that no such website existed," a site creator (they won't reveal their names) told [...]

A “Georgetown Cuddler” Timeline

According to D.C. police, a sexual assailant known as the "Cuddler" has been terrorizing dorms and townhouses around Georgetown University since January 13, 2008. But when did that other scourge of the Georgetown campus—the suspect's creepily innocuous nickname—first hit the Hoyas? No one knows for sure. Below, track the moniker's rise in the campus lexicon. [...]

Why The “Georgetown Cuddler” Will Never Be The “Crapist”

He Who Shall Not Be Named: TheVoice Doesn't Like to Have to Use "Cuddler"
On Sept. 4, Georgetown University told its students to stop calling him “The Cuddler.”
Because cuddle is far too soft a description for what the suspect does. In a typical attack, a man enters a student’s residence through an unlocked window or door, [...]

What Is “Sex Positive” Porn?

"Sex-positive porn": Actually just like regular porn, but with hipsters.
Molly Redden from The Georgetown Voice is exhaustively covering the university's "Sex Positive Week" over at student blog Vox Populi. Some Hoyas are pissed off that GU is helping fund the week's activities. So—what exactly are they upset about? What does "Sex Positive" mean, anyway?

Georgetown “Cuddler” Does More Than Cuddle

Molly Redden over at Georgetown student blog Vox Populi wrote a great primer yesterday on the history of the scourge to the Georgetown campus known only as the "Georgetown Cuddler." The Cuddler is a sexual assailant who's been linked to as many as seven assaults around campus (and possibly more near the University of Maryland). [...]

Georgetown Catches Man Madness

Will Sommer over at Georgetown Voice blog Vox Populi gives the Manliest Workplace treatment to the university's many campus rags. According to Sommer's calculations, the Georgetown Academy is the manliest of GU's publications, while the Independent scores lowest on the Manly Index with a mannish 13.
Sommer also notes that, as Vox Populi's sole editor, Sommer's [...]