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What Makes Robyn Deane A Woman “In Process”?

On Friday, the Washington Post profiled Robyn Deane—transgender woman, LGBT activist, and former in-law of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. It's an interesting piece—with a couple of strange hang-ups.
First, the headline: "Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's former in-law speaks out for gay rights." Deane certainly does speak out for gay rights, but it seems odd to [...]

Washington D.C. Wins the Pay Gap

According to the New York Times, the District of Columbia has the lowest pay gap between male and female workers in the country, compared to the 50 states. From NYT: "in the District of Columbia, the median weekly wage of full-time women workers is 96.5 percent of that for their male counterparts, far and [...]

Virginia and Maryland’s New Laws Affecting Women and Girls

The Washington Area Women's Foundation has a round-up of new laws affecting women and girls in Maryland and Virginia. Two highlights: In Virginia, "Domestic violence victims will be able to extend protective orders obtained in cases of family abuse or stalking" for two years, with no limit on the number of extensions. And in [...]

Alexandria, Va. Named Most Romantic City. An Alexandrian Responds.

This week, declared Alexandria, Va. the most romantic city in the United States. What is romance? According to Amazon, it's derived from Amazon sales figures for Barry White CDs, romance novels, romantic comedy DVDs, and "sexual wellness" products. Sex ramps qualify. When Alexandria is ranked number one in something, and Miami is ranked number two, [...]

Bob McDonnell Campaign Courts the Ladies, Not the Gays

In the wake of the fallout from his inane masters thesis degrading women and homosexuals, it's nice to see Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell offering something just for the ladies: A handsome magenta bumper-sticker, yours for only $0.99.
Alas, there is not yet any conciliatory  "Gay for McDonnell" campaign merch to speak of. The McDonnell for [...]

Bob McConnell Dropped Sexist Thesis In Reports’ Laps

In a Washington Post online chat today, reporter Anita Kumar revealed how the Post caught wind of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert McConnell's 1989 graduate thesis, which is riddled with crazy about women, homosexuals, and fornicators: Oh, he just happened to mention it!
"We recently obtained the thesis," Kumar wrote. "Bob McDonnell mentioned the thesis a couple [...]

Virginia Drivers May Choose “Choose Life” License Plates

The District of Columbia isn't the only locality sparing with lawmakers over political license plates. If Virginia state senator Ken Cuccinnelli gets his way, Virginia drivers will soon be able to wear their anti-abortion stances on their bumpers.
Last month, Cuccinnelli supported a bill that would allow Virginia residents to buy 'Choose Life' license plates [...]