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Valentine’s Day Events That Won’t Make You Hate Yourself

Humans have been celebrating variations on a "Valentine's Day" since the fourth century, when ancient Romans celebrated their mid-February pagan fertility rite. Nowadays, the Valentine's Day tradition persists in order to market shitty ensemble romantic comedies, prod our significant others into buying shitty chocolate, and make single folks feel shitty about themselves. Valentine's Day [...]

The Sexist Outcry Over Snookie Getting Punched In the Face

MTV reality sensation Jersey Shore (the Real Word, but with guidos), is only two episodes in, but it's already infamous for a moment that hasn't yet aired. Next week, Snookie, one of the show's self-described "guidettes," will get punched in the face by a man in a bar. Judging by the show's trailer, Jersey Shore [...]

Does Hitting Women Make You More Of A Man?

Roissy thinks that Chris Brown beating Rihanna makes him an "Alpha." Writes Roissy:
Alpha isn’t always “amused mastery” or grace under pressure. Sometimes, in fact a lot of times, it’s a flying flurry of fists to the face, in the case of Rihanna leaving its demon mark as shadow horns on its victim AKA enabler.
The post [...]

Blame Obama: Violence Against Women

Last week, local blogger—and Clinton-turned-Palin supporter—Lynette Long wrote about a startling encounter she and her friends had in a D.C. restaurant—a girls-night-out that ended in a floor-dragging, face-punching assault. Dubbing it "The War of the Sexes," Long detailed how she and her friends attempted to borrow an unused chair from a group of men. Story [...]