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Sexist Beatdown: The Chat They Didn’t Want You to Read! Edition

Role-playing time! Let's say you're having sex, with a partner, in whatever manner that you both enjoy. And let's say that toward the end of your time together, your partner asks, "Hey, would you mind if I brought several million of our closest friends in here, just to observe this?" And you're like, "Oh, please, [...]

Video Porn Store and Refrigerator for Sale

Have you always wanted your very own pornographic video store, located in a strip-mall off the highway and marked only as "VIDEO"? How about if that porn store came with a fridge? From the Craigslist ad:

Anti-Mormon Prop 8 Video Corner

Even with this video in their arsenal, Prop 8 supporters didn't manage to edge out the Mormon church last month in California. My theory? I've seen Mormons. And those dudes don't look nearly Mormon enough.
Next time: try stiffer, less overtly evil.

High Heel Race Video Corner

Thirty fabulous seconds from last night's Dupont Circle High Heel Race. Includes: men in women's clothing; giant phallic Washington Monument costume; swarming mob.
Trouble viewing? Try the youtube version.

Gossip Girl Obama Youth Video Corner

Don't enough beautiful young people support Barack Obama? That's like his thing, right? I do not know because I am too old to play a young person on national television. So don't take my word for it—take it from real-life fake young people Blake Lively (20) and Penn Badgley (22), whom you I may recognize [...]