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Roman Polanski Still Victimized By People Who Would Deny Him Fancy Awards

Roman Polanski picked up the Best Director award at the Berlin Film Festival yesterday evening. Well, he didn't literally pick it up—his written acceptance statement is quick to remind the world of that recent unpleasantness that has inhibited Polanski from the very important business of fancy prize collection. From the Guardian:

The Worst Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Ever

The great folks over at SAFER Campus pointed me to the most ludicrous Sexual Assault Prevention information page ever, courtesy of the Valdosta State University police department. Instead of providing valuable information for men and women concerning the most common form of sexual assault on a college campus—acquaintance rape—Georgia-based VSU has published a 13-point victim-blaming [...]

Stories From Male Groping Victims (And One Female Groper)

When the Washington Post's Gene Weingarten took the temperature of D.C.'s groping problem this week, he constructed two separate reader polls—one for women, and one for men.
The women's poll asked questions like these: Have you ever been groped? How did you react? Did you report the incident? The men's poll, on the other hand, [...]

MPD Officer Groped By Suspect

One of the gripes leveled at the Sexist's recent groping coverage is that it has so far focused on only one category of victim—women. Men get groped, too, so let's hear one male victim's story. This weekend, a male MPD officer was subjected to a public genital grab, courtesy of a violent burglary suspect. The [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Rapist Cheetahs Edition

The "Cheetah," as you surely now know, is a variety of female human who is sexually aggressive, but too young to be labeled a "cougar." In other words, she is a pathetic and gross specimen of female who must be re-branded as a feline, lest she begin to suspect that desiring sex makes her, you [...]

Date Rape Anthem: Whitest Kids You Know’s “We Gun Make Love”

Date Rape Anthem: Whitest Kids You Know's "We Gun Make Love (Until You Wake Up)"
Relevant Lyrics:
We gon make love until you wake up
We gon make love until you wake up
We gon make love until you wake up
Girl I want you so bad I can’t get enough

Football Players: The New “It” Victim?

We all know how the media loves its blond, white, female victims and its white, female victims of other hair-colors. Why not mix it up a little bit and add former high school football players who have fallen from glory to the new victim-darling list?