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Victims Vs. Sluts: Hofstra’s False Rape and the Media

Last week's false rape accusation at Hofstra University has inspired a media storm unparalleled by most actual rape cases. The feeding frenzy has produced some helpful discussion—check out Emily Bazelon's piece at Slate for a thoughtful dissection of rape, sex, feminism, and the law—and a whole lot of unbridled misogyny.In "Crying wolf really hurts [...]

Why Do Women Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Why do women stay in abusive relationships? That's the question Slate's Linda Hirshman poses in her review of the new abuse memoir Crazy Love. Hirshman thinks the question is a "terribly important one" to ask women, and that it is a "mark of respect" to do so.
And yet, Hirshman's question remains a rhetorical in her [...]

Purple Tunnel Victim Screwed Again By March for Life

One contributer to the MPD 1st District Listserv got screwed over on Inauguration Day in the "Purple Tunnel" fiasco got screwed again yesterday—this time, by March for Life participants. The victim recalls the double whammy:
Forgetting the purpose of the Right to Life protest what was MPD's logic in allowing all of their buses to load [...]