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The Problem With Defending The Sacred Choice to Vajazzle

Following my post on vajazzling last week, I received several responses from commenters who were concerned that I was questioning a woman's sacred choice to vajazzle.

Sexist Beatdown: Vajazzling, and its Inevitable Male Counterpart, Dickerating

The modern vagina.
Vajazzling, the latest trend in Swarovski crystal vaginal bejewelment, debuted on the national vaginal stage this January. And somehow, it has not yet retreated to the dark recesses of minor celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt's panties, from which it came. Vajazzling has reinvigorated Hewitt's celebrity ("It shined like a disco ball"). Vajazzle specialists [...]

“The Penis Monologues”: A Primer On Republican Genitals, Through The Years

This week, it was revealed that accused Mary Landrieu phone-tapping conspirator Stan Dai, 24, was once a promising aspiring playwright. In 2004, while a student at the George Washington University, Dai penned a dramatic piece entitled "The Penis Monologues" for campus conservative newspaper The Patriot.
In the great anti-feminist tradition of college-aged male Republicans, there have [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Perfect Vaginas Edition

Last week, contributor Allison Henry bravely detailed her battle with vaginal prolapse—or gradually experiencing her vagina falling out of her body. At the end of Henry's tale—after a year of gushing blood, gangrene, and all the insides on the outside—Henry lets us in on her consolation prize. “The experience has been a total nightmare, [...]

Woman’s Vagina Falls Out, Replaces It With “Perfect 13-Year-Old Vagina”

Allison Henry had a rough year. A lot of  bad shit went down, but long story short, her vagina fell out. Today, Ami Angelowicz at The Frisky detailed Henry's story. "I am going to spare you the details because I am squeamish and feel too pukey to write about them," explains Angelowicz. She does pass [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Transphobia And Vagina Headshots Edition

Has Juwanna Mann inspired a whole league of transphobic idiots?
Morning, everyone. So, you know how members of your community—your boss, a police officer, officials from South Africa's track and field federation—will occasionally pull you aside and suggest, politely, that your entire existence up to this point has been a complete fraud, and everything you've ever [...]

Anti-Rape Device or Vagina Spaceship?

Today, anti-rape activists are hard at work in the schools, the clinics, the courts, and the media, in an attempt to help prevent rape. But over the years, some anti-rape inventors have proposed an alternative to education and awareness—why not work to prevent rape from inside the vagina? Here's how it works—women just don't use [...]

Last Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts

Please, nobody ever buy me one of these.
1. Menace to Sorority, in which the sorority message-board-dwellers simply cannot quit me.
2. Trans Slammer, in which D.C.'s transgender inmates win some battles, lose others, and gain some very persistent commenters in the process.
3. The Great Mexican Cartoon Porn-Off, Part 3, in which I review Spanish-language cartoon porn [...]

Inside the Vaginas of Our First Ladies

Autumn Stephens, author of Wild Words for Wild Women and other Smithsonian museum gift shop titles, has a new book! Fiesty First Ladies: And Other Unforgettable White House Women (advanced reading copy) is a whimsical, pocket-sized take on "those formidable females" who have accompanied their Man on the zany ride that is the American Presidency—complete [...]