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Vibrating Razor Adds Dangerous New Element to Shower Masturbation

The "Tinge" vibrating razor (artist's rendering)
Daily Candy is an e-mail service that sends sassy, glowing, and thoroughly useless advertorials to your inbox each morning. For reasons even I cannot comprehend, I subscribe to this service, only to methodically delete each morning e-mail without reading it.
Some Daily Candy subscribers who are more dedicated than I brought [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Sex Positive Negativity Edition!

To truly call myself "feminist," must I partake of the dildo?
Earlier this week, I explained, ever-so-respectfully, why I thought sex-positive feminism was boring and dumb. In this edition of Sexist Beatdown, a chatty-thing, Tiger Beatdown's Sady kindly explains how she came to personally identify as a "sex positive feminist" by being the only employee in [...]

Protect Your Vaginal Lining With the HIV Cigarette

For the time being, smoking will simply send you to another slow, painful, and premature death (cancer)
In the future, women may be able to protect their vaginal linings from the HIV virus by smoking a special cigarette containing the anti-HIV drug griffithsin. Or maybe you'll just rub it all over your vagina, but either way, [...]