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Having A Butt Won’t Change Your Life

As someone who has always had an ass that's slightly out of proportion with the rest of her body, I was interested to hear about the benefits that ass-enhancing undergarment "Booty Pop" was selling. Indulge me, Booty Pop. List the virtues of my fat ass:
Apparently, by having a butt, I reap a variety of benefits. [...]

Give Your Wife the Gift of Objectification This Christmas

Gawker points us to this absurd, Michael Bay-directed Victoria's Secret commercial, which combines a butt rock soundtrack, edgy desert vistas, motorcycles, cars, knife-throwing, a helicopter, explosions, unexplained circus performers, a jet, half-naked sexy ladies, and wind machines. In other words, it appears to be targeted at women.

New GPS Chastity Belt Very Unattractive

The UK's Daily Mail is reporting that "Feminists around the world have reacted with horror" to a new lingerie product that attaches a GPS tracker to a very unattractive underwear set. The bra and panties set, which includes a hideous faux-pearl choker along with a high-tech global positioning system, sells for 500 pounds and is [...]