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The Morning After: Eyes on Road, Hand on Crotch Edition

* A new study suggests that 11 percent of male drivers under 30 are masturbating  on the road. No word on the habits of the ladies, who these days are cleared to both drive and touch their own genitalia—but can they do it at the same time? Get science on this.

This Week In Sexist History: Swimming Makes You Ugly Edition

Newspaper stories from the good old days say the darndest things. So every week on the Sexist, let’s take a ride on journalism’s way-back machine, to a time when male reporters did not prefer their women to be dripping wet from head to toe. I know—it was a crazy, crazy, time kids. This week, our [...]

Sears “Busted Moms” Contest Perhaps Ill-Conceived

Sears is currently holding a contest encouraging mothers to share their worst recession stories in the  hopes of winning "a $2500 Mommy Makeover Package."  The promotion is titled "Busted Moms."

New GPS Chastity Belt Very Unattractive

The UK's Daily Mail is reporting that "Feminists around the world have reacted with horror" to a new lingerie product that attaches a GPS tracker to a very unattractive underwear set. The bra and panties set, which includes a hideous faux-pearl choker along with a high-tech global positioning system, sells for 500 pounds and is [...]