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Pepin Tuma Sues D.C. Over False Arrest, Anti-Gay Slur

On July 26, 2009, Pepin Tuma and two friends were strolling down U Street, discussing "the excessive use of police powers" in the recent arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates. Within "seconds," Tuma says an MPD officer had him pushed up against a utility box, handcuffed, and arrested for "disorderly conduct." Last Friday, Tuma [...]

Note to Saint-Ex: “You Guys” Is Gender-Neutral

Yesterday, I arrived at Café Saint-Ex, a self-described "charming restaurant and lounge." After waiting at the bar with my male companion, the host seated us and informed us that our waiter would be by shortly. The waiter approached from behind. "Hey guys," he said, wheeling around to face us. "Oh, God, uhh, wrong choice of [...]

Washington Post Looking for Happy Ex-Wives

On the U Street Listserv this morning, Washington Post Staff Writer Theola Labbé-DeBose solicits "ex wives and new wives who get along":
Hi, for a potential Mother's Day feature I'm looking for local Ex-wives and New wives who get along! The women should be able to talk freely about what it took to get their relationship [...]

You’ve Changed, U Street

Last night, a man boarded a 90 bus headed up U Street in the midst of an historic weekend for the city of Washington, D.C. "Wow, U Street's changed," the man remarked. "I haven't been on a bus in years. It's a beautiful thing, though. What do they call it? Gentrification or some shit?"

"Hey, baby [...]

How I Spent Election Night

Riding through the rain. Scouting barber shops. Hugging strangers. Beating drums. Watching revelers climb to the highest elevation in sight—bus stops, stop lights, trees. Yelling back at honking cars. Chanting "U.S.A." for the first time (unironically). Storming Marvin when Barack came on the big screen. Cheering for our next first lady—and, inexplicably, even louder for [...]