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The Morning After: Grainy Masturbation Photo Edition

* In the City Paper this week, Kim Chi Ha writes about the regulatory spotlight on Ziegfeld's/Secrets, the lone SW gay club to survive the construction of Nationals Park. Post-baseball, the D.C. government has kept a close eye on the strip joint:

Today In Smut Wars: Sexy Looks and Suitable Marriage Partners

Since the strangely explicit anti-pornography briefing "Porn Harms" hit Capitol Hill in June, commentators have been weighing in with alternate perspectives on the state of smut today. Their thoughts—from a defense of "the fuck me look" to nostalgia about a 1978 Penthouse, after the jump:

Examiner Called On Sexual Assault Coverage, Cites Intern Defense

Last month, Washington Examiner gossip columnists Tara Palmeri and Nikki Schwab drafted a hot little item about Miss D.C. 2009 Jen Corey "kicking some tail at the local bars." Corey, the gossips reported, recently physically defended herself after being repeatedly "spanked," "touched," "pushed," "slapped," and "sexually harassed" by men in public. Corey's got a [...]

Impromptu Meeting of the Male Studies Department

Important Announcement: I have ceased all productive output this afternoon because I'm too busy making up fake names of Male Studies scholars on Twitter. For the uninitiated, "Male Studies" is the answer to "Men's Studies" dedicated to studying the male . . . "as male." Revolutionary.
None of our imaginary professors' names will ever beat the [...]

The 10 Most Popular Sexist Posts of the Year: Semen, Nipple Slips, and Sarah Palin

This year on the Sexist, the pageviews accumulated like so many cats draped across my spinstery blogger frame. I'd like to take a minute to thank you all for clicking and commenting, even those of you who accidentally stumbled onto this blog while searching for porn. Especially you guys.
Below are the 10 most popular blog [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: KABBALAH! Edition

Last week, commenters defended boob embroidery, contributed to the campus rape "myth", and  thought of the children. But the comment of the week has to go to Twitter user @KabbalahOregon, a Twitter account devoted to "Keeping It Real and Supporting Those That Keep It REAL! NO FAKES ALLOWED:)" Those That Keep It Real took issue with [...]

Top 10 Absurd Barbara Walters Tweets

Barbara Walters' Twitter feed is better than ours because, unlike our own worthless personal updates, Walters can honestly answer "What are you doing?" by invoking Paul McCartney, Mayor Bloomberg, and "stamina." The top 10 absurd updates from @BarbaraJWalters:
10. Barbara knocks out the personal and the professional in under 140 characters.

9. I love how Barbara calls [...]

Meet the Don Draper Who Doesn’t Cheat on His Wife

Like many people, I harbor a modest fascination with Mad Men's Don Draper and his charmingly misogynistic web of lies. I wonder what Don Draper would tweet about, if he lived in 2009?

Super boring shit, apparently! Oh yeah: And Don Draper would never be pathetic enough to stoop to social networking. This guy, however, looks [...]

Sexy Secrets From Librarians: The Lost Tweets

Those sexy librarians who are tweeting their way through the American Library Association conference aren't content with burying their innermost secrets into the social networking ether. Now, some conference attendees are preserving their stereotype-busting contributions to the nerd-sexuality canon in the slightly more permanent form of online document-sharing. Can sexy secret powerpoint presentations be far [...]

Library Conference Secret Twitter Proves Librarians Sexy, Stern

When the American Library Association's annual conference kicked off in Chicago last Thursday, some attendees wanted the world to know that librarian get-togethers aren't all about shushing and stacking: There's a lot of fucking, too.