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Young Man, There’s A Place You Can’t Go

Adams Morgan's newest bar takes "exclusive" to a new level.
When the owners of New York's Town Tavern announced a D.C. outpost of their Greenwich Village club last fall, they made sure to tout the joint's exclusivity. The bar's opening would be an "inauguration." Its spot between Bourbon and Columbia Station—formerly occupied by "Irish pub"/frat magnet [...]

INAUGURAL CELEB WATCH: More Photos of Where the “Hills” Weren’t

Last night, I reported from the swankiest, most exclusive, hippest, Hills-iest, fanciest inaugural ball in all of Adams Morgan that was supposed to cost $125 but to which everyone actually secretly got in for free. Once the wool was pulled from our eyes, and the burning question—"who would play for this?"—was finally answered—"nobody"—it was time [...]

INAUGURAL CELEB WATCH: The “Hills” Aren’t Alive

Town Tavern: The not-est ticket in town.
I just escaped from newly minted Town Tavern's "Bi-Costal 'Ball,'" a $125-per-ticket party that top-billed special guests from MTV's "The Hills." Whither Lauren, whither Brody, whither Audrina and Speidi? (At this point, I'd even take a JustinBobby). As if they'd be showing in this Adams Morgan den of defrosted-shrimp-appetizers [...]

The Morning After: “Decadent” Gay Lifestyle Edition

* FOX News is concerned that the inauguration will just be one big, gay party. In a sea of boring inaugural coverage, it's S.E. Cupp for the win! Drink this in, sinners:
But the gay-themed events have some conservative critics expressing concerns that while the celebration may be gay-friendly, it won't be family-friendly.

New Adams Morgan Bar Loves the Ladies; Dudes, Not So Much

As local blogger Tim at the 42 reported yesterday, the 2323 18th St NW spot formerly occupied by Nolan's will open again this Saturday. The replacement, "The Town Tavern," has some gender-specific rules for entrance, and they're not benefiting Adams Morgan's storied dude population.
Here are some specifics: Women 21 and over can enter, but men [...]