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MasterCard Hates Tosin Abasi’s Shorts, Too

When he's on tour with his metal band, Born of Osiris, guitarist Tosin Abasi gets a lot of shit for wearing women's khaki shorts. Now, MasterCard's new "Perfect Pair of Jeans" promotion is here to tell Abasi that every cool person in history hates his shorts, too. The credit card company's commercial features some iconic [...]

Metal Guitarist Wears Women’s Shorts, Hell Breaks Loose

Shorts Circuit: Tosin Abasi's fashion sense tests metal.
Tosin Abasi was walking down the street in the East Village when he ran into New York magazine. Abasi’s outfit had caught the eye of a reporter looking for a subject for the mag’s fashion blog, the Cut. Abasi obliged, and proceeded to detail his street style for [...]