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Waterboarding Is Torture, Pickpocketing Is Theft, Rape Is Rape

Via Adam Serwer's blog, the Washington Post's Greg Sargent offers a handy explanation for why the New York Times' decision not to describe U.S. waterboarding as "torture" reveals bias:
Think of it this way: We all agree that pickpocketing constitutes "theft." A pickpocket doesn't get to come along and argue: "No, what I did [...]

“Can We Abort the Terrorists Instead of Waterboarding Them?”

If only! Ann Coulter voices her support of an investigator's right to choose to waterboard.
I think I'm arriving at some sort of unified theory of Coulterism:
abortion IS WORSE THAN terrorism IS WORSE THAN waterboarding
terrorists DESERVE TO BE waterboarded
abortionists DESERVE TO BE terrorized
Joy Behar DESERVES TO BE aborted

Malaysian Women Shame Debtors into Paying

Just pay them. Please, just pay them.
Via pukeimmediately: In Malaysia, loan sharks get debtors to pay by sending beautiful women to their homes to bother them until they cough up the money. It's better than the alternatives, which include "putting debtors in a cage, splashing their houses in red paint or breaking their limbs."
Malaysia: full [...]