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Waterboarding Is Torture, Pickpocketing Is Theft, Rape Is Rape

Via Adam Serwer's blog, the Washington Post's Greg Sargent offers a handy explanation for why the New York Times' decision not to describe U.S. waterboarding as "torture" reveals bias:
Think of it this way: We all agree that pickpocketing constitutes "theft." A pickpocket doesn't get to come along and argue: "No, what I did [...]

Fraternity Accused of Stealing 10,000 Student Newspapers to Cover Up Date Rape Story

As it turns out, I'm not the only one hoping that the widespread media coverage of date rape drugging will die down a bit. A fraternity on the University of Arizona campus has been accused of sabotaging 10,000 campus newspapers in order to cover up a small item in which a woman alleged having been [...]

Cross-Dressing Thief Commits Perfect Crime!

On July 30, a $2,400 Chanel dress was stolen from a Chevy Chase Saks Fifth Avenue store. In a surprising twist—

—the suspect was gender non-conforming! Police, flummoxed, described the thief as "A black man or woman, in his/her 20s, 6 [feet] tall, weighing 160 to 190 pounds. His/her long black hair was worn in thin [...]

Gay Crime Log: Fuck Fred Phelps Edition

Yeah . . . get out of our fucking city.
It's feast or famine over at the Gay Crime Log. The Sexist isn't sure what she did to anger the Gay Crime Gods, but for the past two weeks, her D.C. police crime report e-mails have been barren. Today, her inbox was blessed with a mammoth [...]

The Tale of the Missing Tyrannosaurus Rex

Eli Tillemann, 3, knows nothing about this. He does not know that the Target-brand Tyrannosaurus Rex costume (right) he chose after careful consultation with his parents never made it to his home. He does not know that the cardboard UPS box containing said costume was lifted from his doorstep by thieves early Monday morning. He [...]