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The Washington Post Parade of Stripper Jokes

Today, the Washington Post published a story about Quansa Thompson, a local exotic dancer who has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against her former place of employment, Georgia Ave. strip club The House. Thompson is suing over a widespread problem in adult nightclubs—that owners illegally treat their nightly dancers like independent contractors [...]

Washington Post Goes “Cuddler”

The Washington Post has apparently ended its internal ban on using a colloquial term for Georgetown's most notorious sexual assailant: The "Cuddler." Over the past two years, Georgetown University students and the campus press have invoked the "Cuddler" nickname to refer to a string of odd sexual assaults that have occurred in and around the [...]

The Washington Post Cross-Dressing Shoplifting Story Misfires

Yesterday, the Washington Post published a story about two shoplifting suspects who were shot over the weekend by a Prince George's County police officer. The suspects were shot after they attempted to drive away with the officer's arm lodged in the door of their getaway car. But the Post story was not concerned with the [...]

Alternative Gay Blog Gets Mainstream Media Love

Yesterday, the Washington Post ran a story on local alternative gay media that featured Zack Rosen, co-creator of D.C. gay blog The New Gay. Rosen helped TNG develop into an exciting new online community that has courted readers and writers from all sides of the community—gay, lesbian, trans, and straight (but mostly, young). The blog [...]