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The 10 Most Popular Sexist Posts of the Year: Semen, Nipple Slips, and Sarah Palin

This year on the Sexist, the pageviews accumulated like so many cats draped across my spinstery blogger frame. I'd like to take a minute to thank you all for clicking and commenting, even those of you who accidentally stumbled onto this blog while searching for porn. Especially you guys.
Below are the 10 most popular blog [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Rape Joke Edition

Ever notice how explaining why a joke is funny never fails to make the joke not funny? Sorry, guys. But hey, what's bad for America's leading fake news humorist is good for getting to the bottom of this whole "rape joke" thing. In The Onion's Best and Worst Rape Jokes, I argued that the difference [...]

The Onion’s Best and Worst Rape Jokes

I've written a lot recently on who can successfully tell a rape joke and what targets are fair game for the butts of those jokes. One perennial source of rape humor, the Onion, gets the rape joke dynamic right a lot of the time. The format has a lot to do it: as America's leading [...]