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Was the Dupont High Heel Race a Success for Equality?

Last night, The New Gay editor Zack Rosen set out to determine once and for all whether all those heteros who flock to the Dupont High Heel Race every year are there to support the gay community, or just mock all the queens in dresses. This year, the pre-Halloween drag queen race was pushed into [...]

Women and Gay Men Are Sluts. Jealous, Straight Guys?

It's the classic double standard: If a woman is sexually promiscuous, she's a slut; if a man is sexually promiscuous, he's . . . a man. The origin of this fun gender construct can be attributed to the biological way-back-machine. Men, the theory goes, were created to spread their seed to as many wombs as [...]

The New Gay Takes Over Town

The New Gay doesn't usually like hanging out at Town Danceboutique. Unless they're running it.
"Don't like the 'usual' at Town?" TNG writes. "Neither do we."
Tonight, TNG is throwing a dance party at the 2009 8th St. NE warehouse with a party called "Seizure." The night will be different from most dance events at Town, most [...]

Gay Blogger Mike Rogers on NewsChannel 8’s Doug McKelway

Today, The New Gay blogger Mike B. posted an interview with Mike Rogers, a gay blogger noted for advocating the outing of secretly gay politicians who practice anti-gay politics. Earlier this month, NewsChannel 8 reporter Doug McKelway threatened to punch Rogers in the face on the air.
Mike B. asks the question everybody was thinking when [...]

Male Strippers Wanted

I'm looking to speak to some District-based male strippers for a story I'm working on. They can e-mail me here. In advance thanks for hooking me up with our city's best erotic male dancers, I give you: Man2Man's "Male Stripper," courtesy of The New Gay's Zack Rosen. Enjoy.

Tomorrow: Homo/Sonic at the Black Cat

Tomorrow, Zack and Michael, The New Gay co-founders and condom-advocate extraordinaires, host another Homo/Sonic dance party at the Black Cat. Zack and Michael are doing their part to make sure the local gay nightlife scene successfully evolves past shirtless "oonts-oonts-oonts" club nights and into the realm of good music. Zack and Michael have managed to [...]

Are Condoms As Important to Straights as They are to Gays?

Zack Rosen over at The New Gay wrote an excellent column the other day about the importance of condom use within the gay community. The post covers a lot of ground—personal responsibility, modes of transmission, casual anal bleeding:
A couple years ago when one of the cutest boys I’d ever seen begged me to fuck him [...]

Alternative Gay Blog Gets Mainstream Media Love

Yesterday, the Washington Post ran a story on local alternative gay media that featured Zack Rosen, co-creator of D.C. gay blog The New Gay. Rosen helped TNG develop into an exciting new online community that has courted readers and writers from all sides of the community—gay, lesbian, trans, and straight (but mostly, young). The blog [...]

Why Does D.C.’s First Lesbian Bar Have a Problem With Marines?

Semper Guy: Phase 1 aims to take the barracks out of Barracks Row
When Phase 1 opened up in Capitol Hill in 1970, it chose an unlikely spot for the District's first lesbian bar: a windowless joint half a block from the historic Marine Corps barracks at 8th and I Streets SE. Now the "nation's [...]

The Morning After: Ex-Masturbator Edition

Hush. Grandma loves her "cute" elderly home, which is not overcome with the unspeakable stench of death.
* Spend Valentine's Day at "several cute DC, Arlington elderly homes!" helping the D.C. Young Republicans administer manicures to the elderly in their "Mani's for the Grannies" initiative. Sexist says, the grannies may be cute, the mani's may be [...]