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University Sex Columns, Reviewed: Fuck Finals Edition

This week in college sex columns: The University of Mary Washington tells students to fuck finals, and just fuck; Georgetown University explains WTF a "Zombie Fling" is, and why it should be avoided; Jaclyn Friedman administers a beatdown to misogynist college columnists.

University Sex Columns, Reviewed: “Bedazzling Our Butt Cracks” Edition

"Coeds With Hoes" . . . oh, college.
The battle for ideological dominance in our nation’s capital’s collegiate sex columns continues. Are our local campus columnists on the forefront of radical sex writing, or are they bringing back the good old days of sticking rhinestones up our asses? Wait, what?
This week in college [...]

Catholic University Denies LGBT Support Group on Campus

Yesterday, local Catholic university Georgetown took on LGBT acceptance at the really Catholic local U., the Catholic University of America.
Gergetown student newspaper the Hoya detailed the efforts of a CUA student group that's attempting to gain official recognition from the school's administration. The group, "CUAllies," is an unofficial support group for LGBT students on CUA's [...]

University Sex Columns, Reviewed

This week, the Nation's Alex Dibranco provided a brief history of the "Student Sex Column Movement." The college sex column, Dibranco argues, is "a radical progressive movement in the sense of pushing against traditional silence and the status quo," she writes. "Challenges to the columns stem from a conservative mindset . . . [...]

Why The “Georgetown Cuddler” Will Never Be The “Crapist”

He Who Shall Not Be Named: TheVoice Doesn't Like to Have to Use "Cuddler"
On Sept. 4, Georgetown University told its students to stop calling him “The Cuddler.”
Because cuddle is far too soft a description for what the suspect does. In a typical attack, a man enters a student’s residence through an unlocked window or door, [...]

College Students on Sex: Annoying

The Georgetown University student newspaper, the Hoya, has a story this week about the phenomenon of on-campus "pleasure parties." Reporter Alex Lee writes about a pleasure party she hosted at her Georgetown townhouse:
Sitting cross-legged on my living room sofa here at Georgetown, Jenny Cancelado holds in her right hand twelve inches of vibrating, scintillating and [...]

Squeezed “Juicy”

Great jokers or greatest jokers?: Georgetown University students Sean Baumann and Tom Hutton play with Juicy Campus' conventions.

Last week, Georgetown University student newspaper The Hoya slammed a new arrival on campus. “[A] dangerous and undesired element,” sniffed the editorial; “a cancer to our community.”
What was the offending newcomer? A discriminatory professor? A crackdown on [...]