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Daily Show Sexism, A Comprehensive Review

Getting specific on sexism: CV Harquail applies her "6 Degrees of Sexism Test" to The Daily Show to determine whether the organization, as a whole, is sexist. Taken into consideration are:
1. The leader’s behavior
2. The organization’s demographic composition
3. The experiences of people within the organization
4. The organization’s practices & systems
5. The organization’s product, and
6. The [...]

The Morning After: Fabulous Ex-Gay Scarf Edition

* Via BLOgT: Even ex-gays are allowed to wear fabulous scarves.

Fox News Double Standard Video Corner

I missed this segment last week, when the Daily Show skewered Fox News for making a stink about Sasha Baron Cohen's bare-ass Bruno stunt on MTV, and then staging a lingerie football party full of female T&A. It turns out you don't have to be a liberal to support nudity from females while shunning [...]

Arizona State “The Harvard of Date Rape”

Though President Barack Obama has agreed to deliver the commencement address at Arizona State University this year, the school is declining to offer the President the traditional honorary degree along with the speaking slot. And so, The Daily Show's Jason Jones traveled to my hometown of Tempe, Ariz. to ask ASU's finest (or as Gawker [...]