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The Morning After: Post-Racial Deodorant Edition

* The Daily Beast's Tricia Romano declares Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa a "post-racial commercial genius." Commercial genius? Yes, ladies. Post-racial? Not so much, says Georgetown Girl.

Why Sarah Palin Is A Better Feminist Than Nancy Pelosi

On the Daily Beast today, Amy Siskind decries Nancy Pelosi as a "feminist nightmare." Why so serious? Because "the House Speaker pushed the Stupak amendment through—then moved to block the woman bidding for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat."
That first point makes sense—feminist women were thrown under the bus in order to pass the health care bill, [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Wherever to Ejaculate? Edition

So ... ejaculation. It turns out that where you do it can greatly affect a woman's chances of becoming pregnant. Like: If you ejaculate straight up into her vagina, she's more likely to become pregnant; if you ejaculate into a condom or anywhere else in the world, she's less likely to conceive. Every 16-year-old boy [...]

In the Debate Over Gun Control, I’ll Meet Meghan McCain At the Shooting Range

In her latest Daily Beast defense of Republicanism, Meghan McCain reveals "Why I Love Guns."
"So, yes, the girl who wants to legalize gay marriage and thinks the GOP is out of touch with progressive-minded Republicans is fiercely protective of her Second Amendment rights and finds it empowering, especially as a woman, to fire off a [...]