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The Morning After: First Cougar Supreme Court Justice Edition

In a 7-2 decision, the Court decided those shoes are to die for.

Rating recent commentaries on issues related to Elena Kagan's appearance:

Groping, Sexual Assault Policies and the Hypersexualization of College Students

Last week, Wendy Kaminer lambasted Duke University's new sexual assault policy, which is centered upon the idea that "consent is an affirmative decision to engage in mutually acceptable sexual activity given by clear actions and words." In an essay on The Atlantic, Kaminer wrote that a "committee of virginal bureaucrats would be hard pressed [...]

Sexist Beatdown: It’s OK to Want to Do Your Dad As Long As Your Dad Is Alec Baldwin Edition

Welcome back to Sexist Beatdown, a weekly ladyblog collaboration between myself and Sady of Tiger Beatdown: When our powers combine, etc.
Up for discussion this morning: Caitlin Flanagan's most recent book review, "The Passion of Alec Baldwin," an epic indulgence of armchair celebrity psychoanalysis in which Flanagan argues that:
(a) Alec Baldwin is a babe
(b) Ireland Baldwin [...]