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Courtney Stoker on Feminist Geek

Courtney Stoker is a blogger, gamer, and graduate student of Victorian science fiction who describes herself as "a science fiction fanatic of the H. G. Wells/Connie Willis/Octavia Butler/Joss Whedon/Doctor Who/Star Trek variety." In other words, she's a bit of a geek. She's also a feminist. And these worlds: They do not always [...]

Football Players: The New “It” Victim?

We all know how the media loves its blond, white, female victims and its white, female victims of other hair-colors. Why not mix it up a little bit and add former high school football players who have fallen from glory to the new victim-darling list?

Texas Woman Proves Why Bush’s Conscience Rule Must Be Overturned, Instantly

A San Antonio, Tex. doctor will not prescribe you birth control so that you don't turn into an obese, disease-ridden slut within a year of receiving the prescription. Unless you are married, in which case she may prescribe you birth control, in order to regulate your period or some other such acceptable ladypart treatment. I [...]