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“Can We Abort the Terrorists Instead of Waterboarding Them?”

If only! Ann Coulter voices her support of an investigator's right to choose to waterboard.
I think I'm arriving at some sort of unified theory of Coulterism:
abortion IS WORSE THAN terrorism IS WORSE THAN waterboarding
terrorists DESERVE TO BE waterboarded
abortionists DESERVE TO BE terrorized
Joy Behar DESERVES TO BE aborted

“On 9/11, I Think They Hit The Wrong Building” Protester Responds

Today, Mike Madden published a piece on Salon about the conservative tea-bagging parties staged across the country to protest Obama's first Tax Day. In it, Madden quoted Brian Smith, a Greenville, S.C., man who attended the Washington, D.C. Lafayette Park protest while in town on business. Writes Madden:
Another seemingly sedate protester, Brian Smith, a marketer [...]

Designer of Gay Underwear Expands to Sexy Protein Powders

Nicholas Cassadine, the local anti-terrorism-expert-turned-gay-underwear-designer behind the Disco Valante line of male skivvies has expanded his operation to include "sexy" protein supplements.
"Jock Muscle" is a new "boutique sports nutrition company" that hawks protein powders for the metrosexual set. If you have an interest in gleaming male torsos, read on:
Marketed as a funky and ultra hip [...]