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Sexist Comments of the Week

On It’s Not Rape If The Sex Offender Is Hot, my response to Gunaxin's list of its 25 favorite female sex offenders (because it couldn't choose just 24):
From David:
This is sort of odd, ’cause their list… the women are really really hot.
So why would women, who can get their pick of the lekking order, want [...]

The Tenderoni Theory of Marriage

Chromeo endorses a Tenderoni that "let me slide enough." Ew!
Yesterday, the Washington Post published a love letter to young love by Mark Regnerus. Piggybacking on the trend of couples marrying later in life, Regnerus argues that today's young adults should stop delaying matrimony by "hitting the clubs, incessantly checking Facebook, Twittering their latest love interest [...]