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The Morning After: Victim-Blame TV Edition

* Nancy Schwartzman talks about having her rape debated on camera for a potential new "feminist" series:

The X-Files “Wants to Believe,” Just Not In Rape Victims

Recently, I began re-watching The X-Files, a 90's television program about a fringe department in the FBI devoted to investigating "unexplained phenomenon"—paranormal activity, extraterrestrial life, government conspiracy, alien fetus contraband, and the like. Heading up the X-Files is Fox Mulder, a brilliant psychological profiler who has been marginalized in the FBI for his [...]

Bill O’Reilly’s Creepy Dirty Talk Recordings

Do you think he thought it sounded sexier in his head?
Alan Scherstuhl at the Village Voice has unearthed the audiobook recording of Bill O'Reilly's lost 1998 novel, Those Who Trespass. For the uninitiated, Scherstuhl provides some background on the thriller:
1998 novel about an O'Reilly-esque TV journalist who is trained by an Irish Republican Army terrorist [...]

Seal On Ice: One Year Later, Questions Remain

Speaking of throwbacks, a little birdie told me that yesterday, The Television replayed the crown prince of last year's arbitrary holiday mash-up extravaganzas: Seal on Ice. Seal on Ice is exactly what it sounds like it is:
Seal, kisser of roses, husband to Klum, muse to Batman, forever + ice skating greats including Kristi Yamaguchi and [...]