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Would Your Boyfriend Be “Pleased” By Your Surprise Fetus?

Sexist pet peeve: the persistent myth that women are all privately obsessed with producing tiny widdle babies. Working to debunk that assumption is a recent National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy study [PDF] which surveyed thousands of young Americans, aged 18 to 29, about their thoughts and perceptions about pregnancy. Guess which group [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Palin Family Anecdote or “Paylin” Porn Plot? Edition

Listen up, teens: Guess what happens when you get teen pregnant, you're not allowed to have a smushmortion, and you can't figure out how to secretly swap your fetus into your mother's aging but willing womb. Umm . . . you get rewarded with an eccentric celebrity handler and sexy undies shots in Vanity Fair? [...]

Sarah Palin And the “Hypocrisy” Trap

It is a simple formula for both comedy and political commentary:
Take a public figure (Sarah Palin) who holds disagreeable views (abstinence-only education). Zero in on an aspect of her personal life counter to those views (her own teen daughter, Bristol Palin, becoming pregnant). Reveal the comedic irony and/or hypocrisy of the public/private contrast. Repeat ad [...]

Levi Johnson on Tyra Banks

There are no words. [Via].

Daily Palin: The Russian Sarah Palin Edition

CAN SARAH PALIN SEE THIS WOMAN FROM HER HOUSE? Some are hailing this leggy blond Livejournal blogger as the future "Russian Sarah Palin" (or at the very least, the Russian Ann Coulter). She's 24, hates immigrants, and has been photographed "drunk, wrapped in a Cuban flag" (right). An excerpt from her blog:
"Думаю, заметку про меня [...]

Daily Palin: Teens Doin’ It Edition

TEEN SEX! TEEN SEX! Palin news today is overwhelmed by coverage of daughter Bristol Palin making breaking news by telling Greta Van Susteren that teens like to do it. MISSED IT?
MEDIA NOT TO BLAME, REPORTS MEDIA: Greg Mitchell, author of Why Obama Won, feels some need to defend "the media" against claims that it caused [...]

Teen Pregnancy in Red and Blue

Margaret Talbot has a wonderful piece out in The New Yorker about the political and social divides between liberal and conservative conceptions of teen pregnancy. Writes Talbot:
Social liberals in the country’s “blue states” tend to support sex education and are not particularly troubled by the idea that many teen-agers have sex before marriage, but would [...]

Teen Pregnancy Scoops: Wait For Story to Gestate

Last month, reports of a 17-year-old Palin spawn's unplanned pregnancy briefly satiated tabloid hunger for babies-having-babies coverage. The announcement redirected the evergreen "Pregnant Teen" story from Britney sis and new mom Jamie Lynn Spears, also 17, who gave birth to her first child in June. Now, tabs like the National Enquirer (probably more reliable than [...]