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The Morning After: Phyllis Schlafly’s Money Edition

* D.C. Mayoral candidate Leo Alexander only has 700 bucks in the war chest, and $200 of it came from Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum. That's rough, dude.

D.C. Government Finally Explains How to Get Your Adopted Child Health Insurance

Last month, I wrote a story about Jenn Thomas and Kevin Fox, two local teachers who have spent three and a half years fighting with the D.C. government to get their adopted son, Max, added to their health insurance plan.
The parents, who are insured through Fox's D.C. Public Schools job, were repeatedly told by D.C. government [...]

The Media Goes Hot For Bad Teacher

Teachers occupy an interesting gender space in the mainstream media. As institutional caretakers of the young, teachers—male and female—are often cast into a mothering role. And like mothers', the sexuality of teachers is thoroughly socially policed.
Media gawkers are both fascinated and horrified by the sexuality of teachers. Like mothers, teachers are expected to remain publicly [...]